Blood and blood derivative preparations

  • Fresh Whole Blood FWB contains erythrocytes, leucocytes, platelets, fibrinogen, coagulation and albumin factors. If blood is stored in cold storage (2-6oC) it is deprived of coagulation factors and platelets.
    Storage period - 35 days.
  • Packed Red Blood Cells pRBC. 90% haematocrit value. After centrifugation and separation of plasma it contains mainly erythrocytes and leucocytes. Storage period same as FWB.
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma FFP Contains coagulations factors (II , VII , VIII , IX , X) as well as albumin.
    Storage period:
     5 years at -30oC
  • As a prophylactic measure for new born pups plasma containing herpes virus antibodies.
  • Cryoprecipitate a fraction of plasma containing factors VIII, XII, vWd and fibrinogen. Storage period: 1 year at -30oc


We supply blood specimens in the following packaging:

Fresh Whole Blood DOGS 1 unit: 450 ml
DOGS 1/2 unit: 225 ml
CATS 1 unit: 50 ml
Packed Red Blood Cells DOGS 1 unit: 250 ml
DOGS1/2 unit: 125 ml
CATS 1 unit: 25 ml
Fresh Frozen Plasma DOGS 1 unit: 200 ml
DOGS 1/4 unit: 50 ml
CATS 1 unit: 25 ml
Fresh Frozen Plasma with Herpes Virus Antibodies DOGS 1/4 unit: 50 ml
Cryoprecipitate DOGS 1 unit